Thursday, April 16, 2009

St. Sebastian

The image is actually titled: "Holy Card: St. Sebastian, Martyr"
Painted by Terrance Nelson, 2009
10 x 20, acrylic on canvas.

(Click image to enlarge. Unfortunately, photographing the painting outdoors caused the image to appear brighter than it is.)



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David said...

St Sebastian praying for us...i amspeechless Terry. you know my devotion to this saint. i am...well...just speechless. Will send you an email on it.

Terry Nelson said...

Again, thanks very much.

Owen said...

Looks like you have a buyer Terry. Again, this is quite striking. Some may find it too modern but I don't go with that crowd. Hope you secretly signed it somewhere.

Terry Nelson said...

Owen, thanks much - I like to attempt a modern interpretation considering how painters of former centuries depicted the saints in the fashion of their era.

Anonymous said...

Looks like homo-erotica to me!

Terry Nelson said...

Anon - perhaps it's just in the eyes of the beholder.

Anonymous said...

Or, Terry, the brush of the artist!

Google St. Sebastian and you will see numerous references to homo-eroticism in Renaissance artists' portrayals of Sebastian, both in painting and sculpture.

Do your portrayal of the female nude have such erotic undertones as this painting of Sebastian?

Regards, love your work!

Anonymous said...

or...the brush of the artist!

Anonymous said... the brush of the artist!

Fr. V said...

Today we celebrated our titular feast day of Saint Sebastian. Sorry to hear this one sold already!

Angelo said...

I love this painting. My father's name is sebastian. All drawings are fantastic. Congratulations

Kim Vandapool said...

Terry, this is just so stunning, I LOVE your modern take. I keep coming back to it. Would you by any chance have a print available?


Terry Nelson said...

Kim - I'm sorry - I have no prints of this - I'm so happy you like it.

Thanks everyone for your comments.