Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Levitating Celebrity Fundraiser

"Celebrity Fund Raiser" - Terry Nelson, 2008
16" x 20" Crayon and oil stick on paper.

I once titled this the "Apotheosis of Fr. X" - although a couple of people some how assumed I was making fun of Fr. Z. I hate it when that happens. In reality it is a story about an unfortunate Brazilian parish priest who made a balloon trip to raise funds for his parish and became lost at sea. Sadly his remains washed up on the coast line several days (or weeks) later. I can't recall the exact details of the story now. I recently refined the cloud cover with oil stick glazes. The photo of the painting was shot with hand-held camera outdoors.  I know nothing about photography.
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shadowlands said...

Father Adelir Antonio de Carli.