Monday, December 5, 2011

The Holy Face

The Holy Face - T. Nelson

The corrections are finished - I wonder if anyone will notice?
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Joseph K @ Defend Us In Battle said...

I feel like the tear is more pronounced... but I know zilch about art, except that I like this.

It draws me in.

Owen said...

The eyes have it, the changes I mean. Slight corrections and clean up and intensifying. Moderate remodelling of the forehead/cheekbone-our left/bone around the left eye on the left.

That's what I see.

Terry Nelson said...

Owen - Yup! You should be teaching - you got it right. I actually raised/repainted the right eye. (I have cataracts is my excuse.)

Owen said...

I can't teach worth a peach when it comes to art. I can teach "the faith" well, at least so I am told. However, well, we'll leave it there. God bless you brother.