Monday, July 4, 2011

Frame Fillers.

So here is a look at some of what I've been doing lately - painting panels to fill a few antique 'tabernacle' frames I've owned for years.  Click on photos to enlarge.

St, Sergius of Radonez; Madonna, after Daddi; St. James, after Veneziano; with the legs of a Spanish Colonial corpus.

Corpus; OL of Mt. Carmel, after Neapolitan Carmine Madonna; St. Peter Martyr, after Angelico.

St. Peter Martyr, after Fra Angelico
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3puddytats said...

Lovely HAVE been busy this summer!!


doughboy said...


Owen said...

Excellent filler.

georgette said...

Those are sooo great! Your home must look even more gorgeous than your garden. I want a tour! I'm serious.


BurgoFitzgerald said...

Holy Smokes! These are fantastic!

Terry Nelson said...

Thanks much!

gallitzin said...

Lovely pieces. Just came over from your other blog and am perusing some old posts.