Thursday, November 24, 2011

"Blognic in an Egg" - T. Nelson

"Blognic in an Egg" after the Bosch Concert in an Egg: the Lille copy.
Terrance J. Nelson, 2011
Acrylic on convas.  18 x 24

Presented is my copy after the Hieronymous Bosch "Concert in an Egg" - in homage to the Lille copy. I retitled the composition, "Blognic in an Egg", featuring a selection of American parochial bloggers, complimented by an assortment of attributes and symbols forming a sort of commentary on the phenomenon that is the Catholic blogosphere.
Once again, my apologies for the poor photography. The panel still needs to be varnished, and then perhaps, I can provide a clearer, crisper image.  The copy shown offers a good preview nevertheless.
As I mentioned, I used an assortment of medieval symbols as a commentary on the 'new media' as it is celebrated and extolled today - the curious may have fun trying to decifer my narrative. 
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