Sunday, April 16, 2017

Something I made over Lent.

The Annunciation in antique tabernacle frame.
30" x 30 overall.
Acrylic and gold on panel.
Terry Nelson

An idea of the scale of the 'shrine'.

The tabernacle frame is solid oak, a 19th century antique/relic
from an unknown Greek Catholic church.
It was part of communion rail gate.
It is finished in faux travertine with gold details and marbled columns.
The insets are decorated laca povera style with printed
 Fra Angelico scenes from the life of the Virgin,
and then antiqued.

Starting the icon on red gesso panel.

The first leaf applied to the nimbus.

The completed icon with 24k gold leaf.
The full scene measures 26"x 21" on panel.
Details in the center of the scene suggest the
Church of the Annunciation in Minneapolis,
with a small mandorla of the Visitation
on the furthest architectural element,
meant to suggest the merged
 parish of the Church of The Visitation,
as well as to suggest the parish school.
These details are partially obscured 
by the central column of the tabernacle frame,
but can be viewed at an angle.
The background is not intended to dominate the scene.