Sunday, May 6, 2012

Christian Art Festival

Blessed Alberto Marvelli - T. Nelson  2012

Acrylic on board.

Jesus of St. Teresa - T. Nelson  2011

Acrylic on canvas.

Once again this year I entered the Crossview Christian Art Festival in Edina Minnesota, not expecting to be accepted.  2012 happens to be their 30th year for the annual juried art show.  I entered my St. Roch two years ago, but it was rejected, so I wasn't sure my work this year would make it.  In the past I have entered paintings for which I won Honorable Mention and 3rd place.  I don't enter every year because I don't always have religious painting to show. 

This year I was astonished that both paintings shown above were accepted by the jurors, and even more surprised when Bl. Alberto Marvelli was awarded the Festival Award, or 1st place.  I was totally blown away and wanted to keep it secret until I had a photo of the work to show so I could update this blog. 

If you click on the photos you can get a closer look.  I hope to have them photographed properly after the show closes.  (I sneaked out when no one was there to take the photos shown here.)  The show closes May 13. 

*Marvelli is presented icon-style with a background montage suggesting disintegrated fresco work representing the destruction Rimini suffered in WWII.  To his lower left is a scene from Rimini, the street his boyhood friend Federico Fellini was born on, while the background to his right offers a 'holy-card-style-apparition' of one of his favorite saints, St. Gemma Galgani.