Monday, March 2, 2009

UNSUITABLE FOR FRAMING: The 2008-2009 Winter Collection

"Watchmen" (Or - "Looking For Validation and Approval In All the Wrong Places") Terry Nelson 2009

12"x12" Acrylic on canvas

"The Apotheosis of Fr. X" T. Nelson

16" x 20" Crayon, pencil, pastel on paper.

"Dark At the Top of the Stairs" T. Nelson

16" x 12" Crayon, pencil, pastel on paper.

"The Apotheosis of the Emperor Trajan" T. Nelson

16" x 20" Crayon, pencil, pastel, gold and silver leaf on paper.

"The Sin of Ham" T. Nelson

12" x 12' Acrylic on panel.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your work with us Terry. There's a lot of deep thought in these. I am quite sure I do not 'get' it all but I appreciate the work and vision you have put into these works of art.

Terry Nelson said...

Thanks very much Owen.

Tom in Vegas said...

I've always enjoyed your work, Terry, and this collection is no exception. I'm especially fond of your "Watchmen" piece. Those mysterious eyes and hand got my attention and now have me thinking.

I sincerely hope that when I post my first drawings that they are at least on their way to becoming as good as yours.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

I find this collection frightening and disturbing. To me, it intimates abuse, escape and secrets.

If you've been working on these recently, no wonder your mood is dark.

Terry Nelson said...

Thanks Tom and Cathy.

Anonymous said...

VERY NICE TERRY. You have such talent. Just curious...with the various theories out there...what do YOU think the sin of Ham consisted of? Noah's curse seems to indicate that Ham was a naughty boy while Daddy was in drunken slumber.

Terry Nelson said...

David - Thanks! A few months ago, a wonderful blogger, who is part of a Bible study group, wondered why the punishment was so great for simply exposing his father's nakedness. Former protestant exegetes have their opinions, and I have mine.

Privately at least; I think it is probable Ham knew his father on a different level than his brothers.