Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Detail: The Descent

Though the photo is rather blurry and the resolution dark, the photo isolates an incident of molestation of a child in a theater. The scene, along with the others in the panel, was later embellished with gold leaf, and a title banner was added from the Abbey Road album. In this case, "I want you (she's so heavy)". The verse, "1-2-3-4 all good children go to heaven" repeats throughout the panel in the margins of the scenes.
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Anonymous said...


Peace be with you.

I am paralyzed to see such an image from your worthy talent.

We can never be lost by putting our feet in His footprint as artists. Healing.

The co-inheritence of His love with any of our present situation gives us courage to depict the right. Growth.

If evil was feated in the moment of its greatest strength, then there is hope in our artistic offerings. Grace.

Molestation is not a spectator sport. Licentiousness is not artistic. Bring the good, the true, the beautiful.

The homo-erotic is a giant black hole and a deep drop. The ascent to Christ is the opposite.



Terry Nelson said...

Thank you - I think. The work is not intended as homo-erotic - it is about conversion and the forgiveness of sins.

None of my work is intended to be homo-erotic.