Sunday, September 9, 2012

My first icon...

Christ, 1978
 Tempera on wood panel.

This is the very first icon I ever painted.  I recently distressed it - peeling and sanding away paint, using a file to round the edges and effect cracks in the panel, even holding it over an oil lamp flame to darken the patina.  Then I heavily waxed the panel.

The original panel was painted in egg tempera - without a gesso ground.  I also used gold paint instead of gold leaf.  I kept the panel so that I could be reminded that my talent is limited.  Recently I was cleaning storage areas and came upon it - rather than burn it, I thought I'd make it look as if it had been through a revolution.

I haven't updated the site for awhile since I've been busy with other stuff.  This will have to do until I get back to painting.


Paul Stilwell said...

That's what I've heard others say as well - to keep your first icon as a reminder. I think the icon has a certain attentive poise, and the look of the eyes reveals depths the more I look. You love Rublev's Redeemer. You should paint the Redeemer again - a new one.

Terry Nelson said...

I do love Rublev's Redeemer - it reminds me of the Song of Songs where the Beloved peers through the lattices.

doughboy said...

i like.