Thursday, November 22, 2012

Retablo: St. Francis of Assisi

S. Francis of Assisi
Terry Nelson
acrylic on copper
4" x 6"

I painted this panel for a really cool frame I found on sale at Pier One.  I work on these with the saint's relics near by and touch them to the relics when they are completed.



christopher said...

Terry, I haven't visited here in a long while. These are all really wonderful. Don't count yourself short yet on painting miniatures. As I scrolled through, the one I really stopped at to admire was the one of Junipero Serra, so there's something maybe you're not seeing because it wasn't quite what you intended.

All of our "direct" photos of the images are very muted and pale compared to the images of the works in the frame and angled. Is this intentional to stop people from making good copies of your work?

Terry Nelson said...

Hi Christopher, Thanks very much for the encouragement - I have fallen into discouragement and felt my work was a waste of time and badly done. I've almost been 'forcing' myself to paint in spite of myself. Your words are a comfort.

I only shoot at an angle in order to avoid flashback, I would never be opposed to someone making copies of what I do.

A blessed Advent to you and your family!

doughboy said...

i love this. very charming.

jimf said...

I more than love this. I covet it. The painting and the frame were made for each other - a perfect marriage.